// The Australian startup scene is booming, but we still face a crippling problem and it’s not funding//

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The Australian startup scene is booming with large numbers of startups being launched every day, but we still lack experienced founders and teams, according to a number of Australian investors.

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// WHICH 50 : Chatter Report: The most influential people in the digital transformation social stream this week//

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Altimeter’s insights, the importance of people, Luxury’s digital embrace and how large companies are engaging with transformation dominate this…

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// When Payment Processing Becomes A Commodity | TechCrunch//

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One of the big subjects of discussion in the banking industry earlier this year was the publication of the Millennial Disruption Index, stating that..

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// Are Businesses Prepared for the Internet of Things? - eMarketer//

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The internet of things (IoT) is coming. While the majority of business execs have heard of the concept, fewer than half of that group knows what it actually means. Among industries, high-tech/IT professionals are the most likely to be prepared to optimize the IoT, while healthcare and manufacturing execs lag far behind.

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// Don’t Miss the Digital Transformation in Luxury Brand Marketing//

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The global nouveau riche aren’t wedded to old money brands and that’s creating big opportunities for niche status symbols.

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// Why Human Capital must fuel Digital Transformation - Enterprise Irregulars//

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With every innovation spurt comes a fresh call for Human Capital Management to stand up and secure its place at the strategic table. The emerging concept around Digital Transformation is no different. We’ve spent the last 50 years digitizing. Transformation is now underway. As I wrote in a previous post: “Travelocity changed how we purchase …

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// German Industry Increasingly Looking to Startups for Innovation//

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Following the lead of IT, telecoms, and media companies, more traditional brick and mortar German companies are increasingly funding and investing directly in startups across Germany, the U.S. and Israel—a sign that German heavy industry is on the hunt for disruptive innovation.

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