// Heartbleed: Your Next Steps//

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Okay, so you’ve patched your servers to fix the OpenSSL Heartbleed flaw. What next?

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// Brands are already playing with Twitter’s new layout - Digiday//

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A look at the brands that got a head start in experimenting with Twitter’s new format.

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// Mooce Kids Clothing//

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Childrens clothing label Mooce creates deigner girls clothing, boys clothing, baby wear of high quality with focus on comfort.

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// Sitedrop Turns A Dropbox Folder Into A Visual Workspace Where You Can Collaborate With Others | TechCrunch//

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Getting everyone to use the same project management software is a challenge, but everyone seems to have a Dropbox account. Hoping to build on top of the..

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// The two-party system is in decline. Can social entrepreneurs develop a viable alternative?//

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The decline of the once formidable two party system in Australia continues. Last September, the duopoly polled 66% of the vote in the Senate and won 87% of the seats. On Saturday, the duopoly polled 55% of the vote and won 66% of the seats.

The popular desire for an …

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// Savour highlights international cuisine - Tasmanian-style//

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INTERNATIONAL cuisine Tasmanian-style will be on the menu next month when top chefs come to town for the sixth annual Savour Tasmania festival.

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// 5 lessons we learned experimenting SlideShare as a visual blog//

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SlideShare is a great platform for visual content and an amazing company: in just a few years, it has become the YouTube of presentations, one of the Top 150 sites in the world with an impressive 3 Billion views per month from 60 million unique visitors. Perhaps like many others, I originally thought of SlideShare as a platform to use only on specific occasions: when I had talked at a conference, when we had produced great slides worth sharing or when we had something specifically visual to communicate. I had had great experience and results but I don’t talk to conferences every day and so I sometimes felt I was missing out. And then, one night of September last year, I heard Jason Miller present at one of our #leancontent events and it became all clear: the team and I realized we could use SlideShare in a very different way - not just as a tool to recycle and share what you already created for other purposes but as a media channel that we would update on a regular basis. In a word, as a visual blog.

We decided to try it: over the next few months, we tried to publish at least every other week to SlideShare, integrating it in our content calendar alongside our blog and our Scoop.it content curations.

These are the first results after 4 months running this experiment. Continue reading →

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